Larger than Life is a nonprofit organization created to support kids facing pediatric cancer and their families from diagnosis to recovery. Our method is to bring about a significant change in these families’ lives by creating joyful experiences while continuing to improve the quality of care and medical conditions for the children.

Some of the ways to do so are a range of activities, opportunities to step away from the walls of the hospital and partake in joyous events that give them the strength to fight their disease, such as dream trips to Orlando and Los Angeles, family vacations to Eilat; summer camps and so much more.

Over the last 17 years, Larger than Life – L.A. Family has been holding special events and an annual Gala to raise money for the children and their families.

Today, we’re living in unprecedented times that have challenged us in ways we never thought possible

For children with cancer during a pandemic, their resilience is being tested, their challenges are great, and their fight is hard!

Their battle with cancer has not stopped due to Covid-19. 

Their low immune system makes them more vulnerable to infections and any exposure to this horrible virus could be life threatening. 

Our children and families need our help. This is why we’ve launched this campaign with 100% of donations money being directed to the immediate financial struggles of our families.

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