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The 2020 Friendship Run is a historic 100 days run starting April 15th 2020 – July 31st .

World famous ultra-distance runner, Stan Cottrell – The Fitness Witness – will undertake the historic challenge of running coast to coast in 100 days @30 miles/day at the age of 76. The equivalent of more than one marathon each day for 100 days back to back.

Stan is a Guinness world record holder and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for his Friendship Runs which builds bridges and promotes the message of peace, friendship and unity all around the world. In his lifetime he has run more than 250k miles (10x round the planet) and across more than 40 countries. You could say he is the original Forrest Gump, and this is his third time running across the USA. On his runs he is often joined by hundreds or thousands of people who come out to support and even run along with him.

He is also a 3x heart attack survivor and stroke survivor and is an inspiration to all to improve their lives through movement and exercise. If he can do this at 76 years old, you can improve your own health by moving even if by walking just 20 minutes a day.

The Amazing Friendship Run is a joint effort between ARM, and the Friendship Sports Association, Inc to raise awareness of the importance of movement and exercise in overall health and wellbeing; to raise awareness of the value of remote patient monitoring in saving lives and improving the quality of lives through connected devices; and to raise money for good causes, one of which is Larger Than Life.

The entire run will be filmed for an upcoming Hollywood movie and each day Stan’s vital signs will be livestreamed over the internet on ARM’s website demonstrating remote patient monitoring in real time.

Both corporations and individuals have sponsorship opportunities to support the Run. Corporations will be able to get unprecedented visibility and individuals who sponsor Stan to run will also be able to receive valuable gifts from ARM as a thank you for their generous support.