west coast dream trip

West Coast Dream Trip

In 2004, Larger than Life — L.A. Family organized its first annual ‘West Coast Dream Trip’. Each year, Larger than Life — L.A. Family brings a group of 20 – 30 children to Los Angeles for two magical weeks on the West Coast. Attending children are accompanied by a medical team, but otherwise enjoy this vacation like any other healthy child.

The West Coast Dream Trip involves many once-in-a-lifetime experiences among the finest attractions that the West Coast has to offer: Universal Studios, Hollywood and the Chinese Theater, Disneyland, Sea World, Magic Mountain, Venice Beach and Lake Pyramid. The trip also includes other special treats, such as helicopter rides, community events, celebrity meetings and attending the Larger than Life — L.A. Family’s annual Gala. Every effort is made to accommodate particular needs and requests of attending children. The West Coast Dream Trip unites a diversity of children with cancer – Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, Druze, Bedouins – all have the opportunity to attend this trip and enjoy a dramatic departure from the routine of their cancer treatment. The West Coast Dream Trip includes activities in and between Los Angeles and San Diego, and sometimes ventures to other cities. Expenses for the trip are approximately $4,000 for each child and require an annual project budget of nearly $120,000. This project is exclusively funded by Larger than Life — L.A. Family. The West Coast Dream Trip is an excellent tool for strengthening children’s spirit and giving them renewed energy and motivation to cope with their disease. See below for quote excerpts of letters from children who have attended the West Coast Dream Trip in the past, and their families.

“For Ayal those were a fascinating two weeks filled with unforgettable memories. It made him forget his daily battles, hospital admissions, medical check-ups – and just enjoy life! Emotional, fun experiences like the L.A Dream trip give these special children and their families strength to go on, and renew their spirit to fight this terrible disease.”
“We want to thank you for the Dream trip you arranged for the children in California. Yarden, our daughter, enjoyed being welcomed by the Israeli Los Angeles community, from the Airport to being hosted in their homes. The peek of her excitement was the Gala night that the Local organization held and was supported by the Local Jewish and Israeli Community. Thanks for this experience that was larger than life for us!”
“I have the privilege to be able to stand here and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you in my own name, in the name of all the kids who are present here, and in the name of those kids who will be able to come in the future and enjoy your wonderful hospitality. All of you here contributed a lot of your time and money to make this trip happen, and give us these unforgettable days of fun, in such a difficult period in our lives. We will take back with us all our wonderful experiences here, share them with our families and friends and cherish them for years to come.”

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