Thank You
our dear donors!

Every day of battling cancer is a challenge. When a child is battling cancer, the battle may affect the entire family and many times friends. We’re living in unrepresented times that have us confront difficulties we never thought possible. We are resilient and will get through it. The resiliency of a child with cancer during a pandemic is being TESTED, the risk is even greater than any other day, limitations increase and their fight is growing HARD!  
We see families who lost one parent income due to the need to accompany the child to daily treatments and stay besides them their process, now loose the second, only income they had left. Others, who used public transportation to commute to the life-saving treatments, find it almost impossible to afford daily private transportation to keep isolated and safe, 
Many families are turning to Larger Than Life for assistance with food baskets. When school is closed, not everyone has the means to purchase the digital equipment they need such as additional laptops or i-pads to allow the kids to continue remote study and activities. Many children remain in isolation for longer terms than before – also needing that equipment to stay connected to their mentors, family and friends.

Their battle with cancer has not stopped due to COVID-19.

 At the same time, all fundraising events around the world, which are the main source of income to supporting the kids and their families, have been canceled. 
On July 2020 we launched an EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN reaching out to our donors, who have been there for the kids throughout the years, for help. Since we raise these funds at no cost to us, we can assure that 100% of all donations are sent directly to help the kids and families in Israel. 
We are so proud to report that within the first few week we were able to send the first $100,000 to Israel in order to start alleviating some of the financial stress these days present. 
On behalf of everyone associated with Larger Than Life – LA Family, we want to thank our donors for their generous gifts to our Emergency Campaign. We are truly grateful to have you join our life saving efforts to improve the quality of life and well-being of children fighting cancer and providing much-needed assistance to their parents and families.  
Yet, rest assured that our efforts merely started. Please consider giving what you can to support the ones who need us the most. 
This page is dedicated to saying THANK YOU to YOU our dear donors. We want you to know that you have made a life-saving change in our kids and families’ lives. Wishing each of you to always merit to be on the giving side. 

Thank You:

Cena and Yakov Abergel 

Rakefet and Arie Aharon

Allegro Dental Group

Tal and Ofer Alon

Meir Amsalam

Dalit and Ilan Argil

Myra Aron

Lilian Artenstein

Michal Azulay

Reut and Liron Bakshi

Daphna and Asher Bartov

Nitza and Arie Ben-Yehuda

Donna and Ron Bender

Merav and Guy Bengal

Ronit and Erez Bustan

Shoshi Zalk and Oren Cohen

Reuven Dar

Revital and Shay Diamant

Avi Feigenblatt

Malka and Ori Fogel

Shepher Foundation

Ayalla and Sharon Gabay

Smadar and Uri GalIdo Gazit

Ronit & Yariv Gilboa

Ida Goldenberg

Meirav and Yaron Goren

R. H. (Anonymous Donor)

Doron Hazut

Hila Hemo

Mary M Hooper Family Trust

Sarah and Ezie Isaac

Sara and Ronen Isaac

Karen Isaac

Sharon and Yoram Jaffe

Lori  and Yariv Kedmy

Hassi and Levy Kempler

Miriam and Zeev Kiewe

Leslie & Kenneth Klein

Brian Kotlier

Ravit Kozar

Eri Kroh

Natalie and David Lachyani

Moshe Levin

Robert Lichtenstein

Orly and Zohar Loshitzer

Michal and Zahal Mansur

David Matalon

Aviva and Hy Melinek

Anat and Yair Mergi

Paulette and Ron Nessim

Carol and Danny Neuhar

Giora Orner

Sharon & Leonard Ovsiowitz 

Mirit and Yossi Rabinovitz

Janet and Joseph Reichmann

Rachel and Alan Risch

Ann and Dr. Ari Rosenblatt

Hanna and Bernie Rubinstein

Melanie and David Ryngler

Sandy and Benny Sasy

Susan Gordon and & Ted Schachter

Tal and Rina Shmargal

Carri and Dror Shoval

Marina Shvaikovsky

Helen and Howard Szabo

Varda & Enrique Temkin

Shlomit Toaf

Tal Winograd

A Thank You letter we received back from Lior Shmueli
CEO of Larger Than Life – גדולים מהחיים, for the first $100,000 raised.