In the course of our lives we encounter many cases in which the tragedy of cancer hurts people, families, children. The average person usually comes across these cases through the media (the press and television) which tries to “impose” the information on us. What that average person does not know is, that in each case there is a person who is sick and undergoing indescribable suffering and a close family and friends who are on a “crash course” and need “super human” powers in order to cope with that terrible tragedy.

Until three years ago, I was an “average person” – until I met the dreadful disease up close, when it struck and took away the two-year old daughter of my friends. This disease striking children takes on more severe proportions and represents an example of Nature’s terrible creation, an inexplicable creation.

A few months later, a lovely girl met me and asked me to contribute to “Larger Than Life” in return for a CD Rom with a collection of song hits. One day, while driving and listening to the songs on the disc, I decided to contact this organization and offer myself to promote its activities.

At first, I was so afraid of contact with the children and the emotional hardship of coping with this, that I preferred dealing with volunteer office activities, like handling logistics, organizing, think-tanks and fundraising.

At the end of the 2002 summer camp, I was invited by Zion Abitboul to the concluding event in which a short movie was shown depicting what the kids had done during the five days of camp. There are no words to describe the joy and happiness on the children’s faces throughout the interactions they experienced at the summer camp!

On that day, I decided to do more for “Larger Than Life” in every possible way, including encounters with the children. I want to say that there is no greater or more satisfying reward than the smile of a child, a shy word of thanks and a loving embrace.

My view is that every person is privileged to do something for others, and doing it for the “Larger Than Life” children has been one of the most enjoyable and exciting actions of my life. I think that every person can volunteer, be it through connections s/he might have with good folks that are happy to contribute and give of themselves and their business, be it volunteering for joint activities with the children in Israel or abroad or be it through financial or other contributions.

On the subject of giving to society, the words of Arnon Zadok, the father of a “Larger Than Life” girl, echo in my ears. He said, “Human beings are in their lifetime compared to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and the Dead Sea. The Kinneret gets water from the Jordan River and gives water back to the Jordan River and other sources, while the Dead Sea gets water from the Jordan but gives nothing. That’s why it’s called ‘dead’” Arnon addressed me in words of gratitude and a blessing for a good and long life like that of the Kinneret.

Perhaps somewhat symbolically, the Kinneret has filled up [this winter] after long years of drought, and so it will continue to give us life and sustenance from its sweet water for many years to come.

I turn to you, dear reader, to come and join this “Larger Than Life” venture of doing, giving and volunteering in any way, shape or form that you choose. The children and their families need good people, as many as possible, to help them cope with their difficult fate.

Eran Rosen