Larger than Life — L.A. Family’s daily operations are supervised and supported by an active volunteer Board of Directors, as well as one paid administrative assistant. All Board members are committed community leaders from the Los Angeles area and most bring experience from working with other charitable organizations.

Shay Diamant

Tal Shmargal

Board of Directors:
Arie Aharon
Lee Levinger
Guy Marom
Tal Shmargal
Isaac Shomof
Varda Temkin
Ran Yaniv

In addition to the Board of Directors, Larger than Life — L.A. Family is also supported by a large Executive Committee of volunteers who help run the organization’s fundraising activities and events, coordinate with local hospitals and local Los Angeles-Area children, facilitate the West Coast Dream Trip, and accompany the children on the West Coast Dream Trip throughout their long days of fun and adventure while in Southern California.

Executive Committee:
Arie & Rakefet Aharon
Tal Alon
Michal Avital
Meirav Ben-Gal
Hanna Benrosh
Revital Diamant
Sigal Erez
Gabi & Michal Eskinazi
Yair Gavrielli
Iris Goldstein Hagay
Michal Grinwald
Pini Hagay
Ilanit Henn
Liat Hen
Yona Lazarovitz
Bella Lerner
Lee Levinger
Ronit Machlouf
Guy & Marci Marom
Alexandra Novak
Sigal Rapaport Danisky
Gali Rubin
Shelley Safdieh
Ponnie Saeidian
Izek & Aline Shomof
Tal & Rina Shamargal
Haim & Varda Temkin
Eyal Yaffe
Ran Yaniv

Orly Bareket, CPA

Legal Advisor:
Lee Levinger, Esq.

Webmaster and Technical Consultant:
Edo-emarketing Hub

Executive Manager:
LiAna Baruch

Former Presidents:
Izek Shomof
Iris Goldstein Hagay
Guy Marom
Rakefet Aharon

Larger than Life — L.A. Family is committed to passing along the maximum amount of resources to the children and families who need it the most. As a result, Larger than Life — L.A. Family depends on thousands of volunteer hours from its Board of Directors, Executive Committee and volunteers in the community.