Thank You!!!!!

“Larger than life” I wanted to thank you very much for the “dream trip”, I enjoyed it so much, and will never forget this experience.

At first I didnít really wanted to go because that last year being sick and all I missed a lot of school and I couldn’t afford myself to loose more , eventually thanks to Sigal from “larger than life” and to my mom I got on the plane for the spectacular U.S.A.

Thank you for the warm and loving environment you provided us.

We ended up flying to California with 21 children, 10 adult volunteers and the singer Harel Skaat and his band.

We visited the cities: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego Had adventures at: Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Madam Tassued ,Sea world, Disneyland. And had activities like: Helicopter ride, Bowling, restaurants, driving luxurious cars and Limo’s.

Every site was an adventure for itself, we couldn’t disgust what we saw, and here came another adventure to experience. The Volunteers Group from Israel were amazing, considerate and always willing to give more and more: Lior the CEO, Sigal the Project Manager, Adi, David, Sharon, Shnunit, Sagi, the medical team: Dr. Yariv and the nurses Marvat and Priel.

Yaron the Local volunteer accompanied us everywhere we went, Sagi the Photographer filmed us in every possible situation on roller coasters and even during our sleep, The nurses were not only Nurses they were like big sisters, Sharon always made sure we had fun from the rooms to the Hotel Jacuzzi.

I really enjoyed the Helicopter Ride: the Hollywood Sign, not every person gets to see such a thing. The Gala Night was very emotional and exiting for me, I was nervous speaking in front of hundreds of people but the cause was what’s Important. The Gala Hall decorations were amazing; everything was so respectable and with glamour like it can only exist in Hollywood. The peak of the evening was when we sang together with the Israeli Idol Singer Harel Skaat, we all were much exited.

The LA Family Volunteers and all the American Hosts wrapped us with love and affection, pampered us showered us with presents. And in the Shabbat Dinners we had it really felt like home.
Thanks again to all the Wonderful hosts that recruited their Families to spend time with us.

    • Dr. Yariv – We were Happy to have you with us, and not giving you lots of Job.
    • Shnunit – True friend for having fun and going shopping.
    • David – I found a great conversation man in you, always a peacemaker and we all loved your bus massages.
    • Adi – Wonderful Memory and Help us in every way he can.
    • Sigal – you convinced me to go to this trip I came back full with amazing experiences, I enjoyed your company especially when you took the “kids” side.
    • Lior – we enjoyed the roller coasters together, we traveled and I’m sure that you will succeed of making other children dreams come true as you did with our 2007 dream trip group.

You are Larger than Life and you Deserve the Oscar!

With great love,
May Oded
Dream Trip 2007